The Mefford Family: Mom , Dad, and kids.  Oh and we cannot forget Mema!

She keeps us all headed in the right direction.  Our business is an extension of our love of learning. So many skills have been lost over the years as we have all grown to depend on modern conveniences.

If you had to go back to how things were done 100 years ago, would you be able to? The early 1900's may not have had many of the luxuries we enjoy now, but they sure did know how to work, and the value of time spent crafting things by hand. Nowadays most items are made over seas so that our wallets will not feel so light when we have to buy any number of items. But was that purchased good made to last? Or do you figure that when it breaks, since it was so cheap to begin with, that you will simply replace it.  Sadly that is exactly what most Americans think... buy it cheaply and replace it when it wears out. (which isn't long).

After buying brand new clothes pins EVERY year... I figure we have handed over to the BIG Box stores more than 200.00 over the past 20 years  for what must be 500 or more clothes pins that get replaced because they just don't last. NOT ANY MORE... We now make our own and they are so much stronger, and last longer. You can even hang sneakers with them.  The pride of being able to make something your self... to know that you don't have to purchase this item from that Box store... That is what our family is all about.

We are learning how to build, make, grow, and create items that will last a long time. Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will never again be hungry. We are all about teaching people to garden, fish, farm, build, discover and learn the skills of yesterday.

We appreciate you stopping by, and hope you will tell others about our special farm. We would love to hear from you as well. If its soap making, cow milking, crop planting, hay harvesting, or anything else that you can think of, we would love to help you learn how...

-The Meffords

Looking for a new challenge?

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