Clothespins that Don't Break

What makes our clothespins the most sought after in the nation? They are farm tough, built to last and most importantly they are environmentally friendly so everyone who uses our farm-made clothespins does so with a clean conscious. 

How are clothespins made?

Lever Clothes Pins were designed in 1853 by an American inventor as an improvement to the cylindrical pins made in the 1700 by the shakers.  All Clothes pins made by Mefford Endeavors begin with Kiln dried boards of locally sourced wood. Depending on availability, we use Ash (or Maple if Ash is unavailable) because of the strength and durability of the wood. Unlike larger mass production factories, our clothes pins are manufactured in small batches by hand in our woodshop in Morris CT. We being the 15 step process by planning the boards down to the proper thickness. The thinner boards get trimmed down into smaller workable pieces called flitches We then begin to cut all the groves and lines for the spring, clothesline, and finger grips. Once the lines and groves are complete, we slice the small boards into clothes pin halves.  Since the edges tend to be rough, and unsightly, we send all the pin halves into a tumbler with a custom finish to smooth the edges and apply a nontoxic beeswax protective coating.  We still make our products one piece at a time with love and attention to detail.

Are clothespins recyclable?

Absolutely! The wood is biodegradable, and the stainless-steel springs are 100% recyclable. Not to mention that we have come up with 100’s of uses for clothes pins besides just hanging your laundry on the line. Our clothes pins are stronger than most and have become handy potato chip bag clips, clamps for small woodcraft projects, clips to hold sheet music on a stand (especially our custom ebony pins) and many more uses.  If you add a magnet they become a great refrigerator clip to hold your coupons or grocery list. Our customers love the versatility and durability of our pins. We do offer a lifetime warranty for replacement of any pin that fails completely during regular use.

Who uses clothespins?

Anyone looking to save a few dollars, by air drying their clothes, are quick to discover that the mass-produced clothes pins available at most big box stores are not the quality they used to be. Our competitors’ mass-produced (NOT USA made) pins normally break or become unusable within a year of regular use on an outside clothesline. That is where Mefford Endeavors comes to the rescue. Our clothes pins are sought after because we use a heavy-duty stainless-steel spring, durable American hardwood, and apply a nontoxic coating for longevity.  Our customers have discovered a multitude of uses around the home, farm, and even while vacationing.  

How we dye our clothespins?

Our clothes pins are naked and do not wear dye’s of any kind. We apply an all-natural non toxic beeswax and mineral oil finish that is safe for humans and will not leave any marks on your clothing.

Heavy Duty American Heritage Clothes Pins