Garden Harvest Basket

Handmade Garden Harvest Basket

From The Mefford Endeavors Woodshop
We have had some questions about our Garden Baskets, so I figured I would post a blog about how we make them right here on the farm.
It all starts on our Portable sawmill. We use the sawmill to cut logs into 1″ thick slabs that are ready to go into our woodshop…

Our design is different from any others we have seen. Our basket is an all wood design with the handle placed at an angle across the basket, What we found is that we can fit larger items in the baskets with the angled handle without the handle being awkwardly tall! The first thing people comment on when they pick up our baskets, is how well balanced that they are!

How about Capacity! With the offset handle we can fill them right up! As added bonuses they stack on top of each other with out crushing your harvest! In case your harvest is dirty, just leave it in the basket and spray it with a hose! When the harvest is all collected the baskets can stand on end for compact storage!
We have found so many uses for these baskets that half of the first production is in our house! They have been full of apples, black walnuts, peppers, onions, garlic, toys, garden tools, and even just plain old “stuff”!

Need a Basket? Just click here!

Thanks for reading and May GOD Bless You and yours!

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