I found this list…

I found this list on an older post and I figured I would update what really did happen since this list was written just before maple season 2013 and now it is a year later…..

So here are the plans we have set before the LORD, and we will see what he blesses.

v  Maple Syrup production -2013 was our best year so far in production!


v  Maple Syrup Cook Book – Nope
v  Small Engine Repair Shop – Did some business but we did not advertise at all. I am happy with what we got done here.
v  Release Tom’s How to Build A Red Wagon Book – Nope, BUT we did publish the How to bottle water e book on amazon!
v  Goat Milk Soaps -a banner year for Nina’s soaps, new molds, Scents good sales!


v  Hand Crafted Wood Toys with Non Toxic all natural finishes. These have been a great addition to the farm!


v  Chain Mail Jewelry or trinkets -Emmy and Cammy took on this one and sold several pairs of earrings and also made a necklace for Mema and a few other things.
v  Hand Crafted Quilts and sewn products -Nope
v  Unique Jellies: Root beer, Mountain Dew ETC -Nope
v  Farm Fresh Produce -Nina was able to sell a little produce!


v  Square foot Gardening Classes -Nope
v  Custom Chicken Coops -Nope
v  Soap Making Classes -Nope
v  Turkeys and Meat Chickens for sale – YES we sold one duck, several chickens and a turkey!
v  Eggs For Sale -Yes, as a matter of fact we have 4 dozen in the fridge right now for sale! $3 a dozen!

As I reflect on 2013, I remember all the things that did get done that were not on this super list, like building the wood shed…

Making wooden garden harvest baskets for sale…

The big apple harvest, and apple cider, and apple sauce, and hard cider, and milk wine, and two big house/barn clean outs, And the sawmill trailer…..and and and and……

So with all of that now behind us, We look ahead to 2014, we should make a list! It seemed to work for us ok last year!
Just remember that we do not know what the future holds BUT we know who holds the future!


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