My first Blog

My first blog


“Normally” My lovely bride would do the posting BUT its been kind of rough around here since the last blog entry in Febuary of 2013… So let me catch you all up…Quickly…
March – Nina’s sister died after a week in ICU
April, May, June, July- We got two more kids!  (The human kind) our nieces 13 and 15 years old
August – took a breath of fresh air, Nieces are with their father now, first cut hay is in.
Emmy, Tommy and Cammy the hay crew
September- Bethlehem fair! I hit myself in the head (really Hard) (the hit, not the head… ok so both) I was diagnosed with a “traumatic brain injury” It turns out that head injuries are cumulative over your lifetime…Hmmm who knew? I have been unable to return to work, I manage to do some puttering on most days, other days, not so much
October – I don’t remember much about October, lots of Doctors visits, and a visiting nurse twice a week until Christmas. Oh and my electric wheelchair.
I hit myself in the head with the top of a potbellied stove
November – just like October just colder.
December – diagnosed with Cronic Lyme with Co-infections! still out of work, some ok days some really bad days, I need help to do a lot of everyday things like get dressed…. I am seeing two doctors for the lyme, a regular MD and a naturapathic DR, Lot of drugs, weird side effects, not a lot of fun. I have been crocheting a lot lately though, I’ve made a lot of “stuff” and it was a Homemade Christmas here at the Mefford house..(for the most part)
January 2014
A Knit hat for Emmy
A Prayer shawl for Mom
A cross stitch for MEMA

Now that 2013 is in the past we are looking eagerly to 2014! our new sugar shack is at least standing, not finished or anything but it is standing! My bride received a Greenhouse for her birthday! so we have some very exciting things brewing on the homefront for 2014!
Stay tuned for more of what we do!

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