Newly Released “Not Your Typical” Stuff

New ” Not your Typical” Products for the Fall of 2014

This has been a great Fall here on the farm! I was able to spend some time in the shop working on some exciting new projects!

First is our “Not Your Typical” Salad tongs! An all wood design that uses the flexibility of the wood to spring them open! they have been very well received and get rave reviews from our product test family!


   Next is what we like to call “Not Your Typical” bagel tongs these were conceived after our store bought pair of toaster tongs broke in half while removing toast from the toaster! So we took the idea to the drawing board and came up with our “Not Your Typical” Bagel tongs these are all wood and are much wider than the made in china ones that we had been using. Made of Sugar Maple, finished with beeswax and mineral oil these should last Generations! Our product test family of 5 told us that they were fantastic! included in the picture is a pair of “Name Brand” tongs, made in china…. they didn’t make it a week around here! The bagel tongs we make are still going strong and they are American made!

While we were working on kitchen utensils we thought it might be a good idea to redo a dining room staple and put our “Not your Typical”  twist on a trivet! We already have way more trivets than we can use. What we don’t have is great ways to store our trivets because they are so big! What we need is a trivet that is big enough for Mema’s lasagna and yet small enough to fit in a kitchen drawer. So we Happily introduce the “Not your Typical expanding trivet”. Small enough for a pot of soup, Big enough for lasagna, and compact enough to fit in a kitchen drawer!

Made in Sugar Maple, Mahogany and Walnut
Soup size and Lasagna size
Extends to over 3 feet!

Shrinks down to just over 2 inches to fit in a drawer!

 We have some bamboo utensils that we use regularly in our kitchen and we have been trying to come up with something made at the home workshop that would be as good or better than the made in china bamboo utensils that we are using right now. We are pleased to bring you Made in Morris, Ct steam bent hardwood kitchen spatulas! We have made these from various hardwoods such as ash, maple, red oak and walnut. they are as useful as they are naturally beautiful. We sent samples to our product test family (chosen for their BRUTAL honesty) with the question what would you use it for? they said everything! stir fry veggies, cook eggs, stirring the slow cooker, it is a kitchen multitasker!

Wow that’s a bunch of kitchen stuff! We do have something new that you can use in every room of the house. it is inspired by a book loving Mom that has some tendonitis or carpal tunnel problems. She said reading softcover books made her hands hurt because of the way she held the book. So we made her something to help with that! we call it a “Book Bird” they are a clever little thing, you can put your thumb in the hole and hold your book open single handed, read outside in a light breeze without your pages fluttering by, read that suspense thriller with one hand on the book and the other tightly clutching your blankie or just give it as a gift to your favorite book lover!

Yup we have been busy around here! We still have more to come, but that will be in another post!
Remember GOD is Love!

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