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 Our moisture rich Goat Milk Soap will leave your skin soft. This is an Old Fashioned bar of soap made with fats and oils formulated for a long lasting bar with a rich lather, great cleansing ability and plenty of conditioning for your skin. 4 oz bar

Why is handmade soap worth the extra cost? When you make soap from scratch a natural byproduct of the process is Glycerin. Glycerin is skimmed off by the commercial soap makers which is why you must by hand lotion to moisturize your skin when  you use commercially made soap (AKA skin detergent). Each and every bar we produce has all the natural Glycerin intact so that your skin will retain its own moisture. The milk and oils used have moisturizing properties to create a luxurious bar of soap that will make your skin SING!

All our soap is make right on the farm.


Pumpkin Spice:  The scent of  holiday baking in a soap! OUR TOP SELLER
Sunshine: A crisp fresh scent for men or women.. it really smells like sunshine
Milk and Honey: A soft natural scent
Lavender: Clean Essential oil scent (out of Stock until Oct 31)
Irish Tweed: Spicy man’s scent (out of stock until Oct 31)
Unscented: Great for those with extra sensitive skin – Hunters love this version as well.
​Unscented with Oatmeal : Great for those with extra sensative skin and a little scrub a dub dub

All of our bars will have fragrance till the last bit of soap!  Good to the last Suds.


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