Triple Barrel feeder for the chicken Taj Mahal!

The “Not Your Typical” Triple barrel Chicken feeder!

This is where we start our build today, PVC and a 2×6! I enjoy working in pvc except when the people at lowes ask me what I am working on and I tell them I am building a chicken feeder and then there is that awkward silence and puzzled look…. They will get over the shock -eventually!
The pvc I am using for this project is actually drainage pipe. I am using drain pipe for two reasons. 1. It is a lot cheaper especially when you start buying fittings and elbows and stuff! 2. My Sister had some lying around and asked me to get rid of it, So I did! The drain pipe is a lot thinner walled than the regular schedule 40 stuff at lowes but for what we are using it for it will be more than okay.
The new coop was built with the studs 16″ on center which means the space between the studs should be 14 1/2″ and that is where I will start. I grabbed a piece of scrap 2×6 in the workshop and found my 4″ hole saw and got busy putting three 4″ holes in the 2×6. The holes were not quite big enough so I worked them over on the spindle sander to get the pipe to fit the holes.
The pipes were all leftovers so I figured out a pipe length that I could get three equal length pieces out of what I had on hand. I made mine as long as I could for the space and with the pipe I had. Next was the trip to lowes, I always try to take a sample pipe with me to get plumping supplies, it generally helps to make sure you come home with the right stuff. I got three 4″ STREET elbows and three 4″ 45 degree couplers.
Getting “street” fittings makes it so you can add the 45 degree right after the 90 degree fitting. Basically using a “street” elbow makes it so that the two fittings attach to each other without using a piece of pipe.
So that is all my parts except for a box of #8x 1/2″ self tapping pan head screws.
I started from the top, putting three screws thru the pipe into the 2×6.
Repeat for all 3 pipes. The tops of the pipe is level with the top of the 2×6.
Next I put the three 90 degree elbows onto the pipes, I angled the outside fittings out a little to give the ladies some wing room at the feeder.

The 45 degree fittings slip right onto the street fittings and then…
I screwed it all together with three screws in the 90 degree fitting into the pipe and only one screw down from the top on the 45 degree fitting. I decided to use screws instead of glue because then I can take it apart for cleaning or repairs or whatever.
My feeder now looks like it might be something! The little girl is Camilla, one of my distinguished helpers!
Next I went out to my workshop and I made a top/ lid box thing…but I forgot my camera so it looks like this….

The box just sets on the top of the 2×6, it will get screwed into the studs in the coop so it stays put. Speaking of the coop, It’s time to install the feeder! 

It fits snuggly between the studs and easily holds a 50lb bag of feed. The lid should keep out unwanted critters and stuff. Just one note on filling the feeder…put a scoop or two in the bottom first! If you just dump in from the top the feed quickly exits the bottom! But if there is feed in the bottom already then it fills the tubes. In the last picture there is about 30lbs of feed in the feeder and the tubes are not quite half full! The Ladies of the coop are a well fed group!
If you have any questions or comments please leave them below!
May GOD Bless you all!

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