Wood Splitting The HARD way

Tommy splitting wood

Many things in life stand before you in the form of decisions, Like splitting wood for example, you could use any number of tools here on the farm to get the job done, like
          • Gas powered wood splitter
          • Monster maul
          • Splitting maul
          • Axe
          • sledgehammer and wedges
Tommy, Our 14 year old boy thought the gas powered splitter was going to be too difficult for a few larger pieces of wood So he took it upon himself to find another way!
“Dad This is WAY easier”
The boy felt that wedges and a sledgehammer was the way to go! His sister was there to help him, She is the one taking pictures and laughing…
“I set the wedge with a few taps”
“Then I can hit it harder”

“See Dad its easy”
Well, He did get it done… after he broke a long handled sledge, And then hit himself in the shin with a shorter handled sledge, Then he broke the short handled sledge….THEN he listed to Dear Old Dad and started up the splitter and was done in ten minutes!


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